Why Bali Diamond Villas?

The island of Bali still one of the world’s top tourist destinations. The tropical climate, stunning beaches, beautiful and friendly people, and its well-developed hospitality industry attract millions of visitors every year.

Bali Diamond Villas are located on the magnificent Keramas beach, the ultimate destination for those who wish to experience Bali for its sun, sea and surf. This magical location is very famous for its world class waves.  Bali Diamond Villas offer great property values at a great location. 

We have two types of villas at Bali Diamond Estates:  Bali contemporary villas and newly designed modern fusion estates.

Modern Balinese Villas:

The new, absolute beachfront contemporary villas consist of modern elements combined with Balinese building materials which create a beautifully designed atmosphere with unparalleled ocean views and private beach access. The villas consist of 3 bedrooms, all of which have a view of the ocean through over sized windows.  As well, there is an over sized infinity pool, 3 garden terraces, 4 balcony/patios, again all with amazing views of the garden, beach, and ocean. If you want to impress your loved one, or just escape into absolute luxury, these villas are the perfect fit for you.

The deck and pool have a terraced lawn that leads to a glass sea wall which allows villa occupants to view the ocean while cooking, eating, or watching TV. Each villa has a private gate access the beach and a pergola or sitting area adjacent to the beach.  The landscape is typical of a plush Balinese garden that truly encapsulates tropical luxury landscapes.

The villas are designed elegantly, yet simple, with modern edges and a typical Balinese entrance featuring a water feature. Other features include a fully equipped kitchen, en-suite bathrooms, AC in each room, wifi, satellite tv, phone line, outdoor shower, rooftop garden, guest bathroom, and many other expected amenities in a luxury villa.

The villas provide a great living environment as well as an investment opportunity with all of the necessary features to please short term and long term guests.

Traditional Villas:

Our 3 Bedroom Ocean View traditional villas are perfect for those who want to feel a Luxurious Balinese experience at a very affordable price. Only a 70 meters from the beach, these villas are great for family vacation or a honeymoon. With marble floors, over sized bedrooms, en-suite bathrooms with shower-bathtub-outdoor shower, AC in each room, separate maid quarters, these villas really have it all. Each bedroom has over 25m2 excluding bathroom, with very high vaulted ceilings. The bedroom ceilings have a unique woven bamboo coverings sandwiched between a thick rock wool insulation. This will insure that you enjoy an excellent uninterrupted sleep, even when your relatives and guests are still active.

Most doors and windows are fitted with screen windows and doors to allow you to enjoy fresh ocean breezes.

The master bedroom has stunning views of the ocean and rice paddies, as well as the wonderful sound of waves crashing on the beach.